Excavating Services

We offer our excavation customers a unique service compared to the general contracting or excavating companies. It is our desire to offer the home owner the services of a company that is dedicated to their needs. The jobs are typically too big to perform by hand, but do not justify the cost of larger equipment (see below). We use Bobcat™ equipment because it is rugged and reliable but it is also smaller, lighter and more maneuverable than bigger construction equipment. But more importantly it is less costly to purchase, operate and maintain, which translates directly to reduced job cost to the customer.

Key Benefits

  • We are fully licensed to perform any septic services, as well as perform any tasks beyond the foundation wall (ie. not inside the home).
  • We are able to work in more confined areas and cause less damage to the surrounding property.
  • All jobs are completely raked out and at finish grade.
  • We use quality materials that meet or exceed the NH code specifications.
  • We have the technology to install the most technologically advanced sanitary systems.


Our Services
We perform tasks that are both large and small, but we specialize in smaller projects. Our expertise is working in confined spaces with small excavators and loaders. We can perform any task, from simple pipe repair/replacement to full septic system installations. We will also do others tasks, such as building retaining walls, dry wells, foundation drains, swales, stump extraction, etc.


Call us at (603) 529-2400 for your excavating needs!

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