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Septic Tank Components by All Clear

Septic tank components include a variety of products that are designed to restore the proper operation of your tank, enhance its treatment performance or make it easier to perform periodic maintenance on your tank. They are outlet baffles, outlet filters, septic tank risers and replacement septic tanks.

Key Benefits

  • We use the highest quality products and material that we can provide.
  • Our workmanship is of the highest quality and we will replace/repair** any of our products for life.
  • Our price includes all materials and labor to complete the job. No surprises or hidden costs.
    ** Abuse of the product will void all warrantees and guarantees.

Our Products

Outlet baffles: These are devices that are already on your tank and often need to be replaced. The liquid in the tank is corrosive and dissolves the fasteners or metal components of the original and it falls to the bottom of the tank. The loss of a baffle is very critical to the life of your system and needs to be repaired/replaced to insure that your leach field is not clogged up with the solids in your septic tank. At All Clear we replace the baffle with one that we manufacture. It is made of non-corrosive material and will last a life time. Our baffle replacement/repairs are guaranteed by All Clear for the life of the tank. If our replacement baffle falls off, we will replace it at no additional cost to you.

Outlet filters (effluent filters): Effluent filters are a device that replaces the common outlet baffle. They are designed to trap and filter particles that are suspended in the liquid in your septic tank and prevent them from being flushed out into your leach field where they can clog the soil and cause an early failure of your field. We use either Zabel or Polyloc effluent filters. Both filters have a proven and documented history of performance and will provide an improved effluent quality that will promote a long field life. The cost of the filter and installation are gotten back by simply having your field last just one year longer than it would have without a filter. An effluent filter can save you thousands on a costly field replacement.

Tank risers: Tank risers are designed to reduce the amount of digging that you need to do to uncover your septic tank for servicing which saves you money, time and effort. At All Clear we use only concrete well tiles, typically 3' in diameter, with a concrete cover with a removable center lid. The concrete is rugged and permanent but more importantly it is safer than plastic or steel barrels which can collapse in under the weight of a lawn tractor or children. The will not deform from frost heaving or rust out. Our risers may be slightly more expensive but the increase in safety and permanence far outweigh the small savings on other risers.

Septic tank replacement: A septic tank must be replaced when you need greater capacity to accomodate increased household flow rates, or when an old tank that is in such a state of disrepair that it is not practical to repair it. We use Central Concrete tanks for our replacements. Typical sizes are 1,000, 1,500, and 2,000 gallon sized tanks, in either normal or heavy-duty. We will disconnect your old tank and replace it with a new one. Your old tank will either be removed/broken up and buried on your property or filled in so that it will be safe from cave in.

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All Clear BioChemical Additives

BioChemical additives (bacteria) are sometimes necessary to aid the proper digestion of solid waste in your septic tank. Bacteria is essential to the proper operation of your system. Without it, two things occur. Your tank will quickly fill with undigested solids and back up, or the effluent to the leach field will contain suspended particles which will clog up your leach field and cause its premature failure.

Key Benefits

  • Promotes the proper digestion of solids in you septic tank.
  • Helps prevent backups into your home.
  • Extends the life of your leach field.
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