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Septic tank cleaning is the process of removing the solids and liquid materials from your septic tank. It is necessary to remove the solids left behind from the bacterial activity in your tank. If not removed, this material will eventually flow into your leach field and cause its failure. Emptying your septic tank will greatly prolong the life of your field and save you money in the long run.

At All Clear we do the job completely and to your satisfaction. First, as much of the material is removed from the tank as we can get. Then we inspect your tank to assure the baffles are in place and functioning normally. We check the condition of the bacteria cultures and determine if there are any obvious signs of failures/problems that you should be aware of.

Key Benefits of Using All Clear

  • We do the job right and we take the time to answer any questions you have.
  • Prolong the life of your system saving you costly field replacement.
  • Greatly reduce the chance of back-ups into your house.
  • Reduce the negative impact your system will have on the environment.

Call for quotations on your septic service needs, including group servicing (such as condo associations), high volume, frequest or repetitive service sites!

All Clear provides a variety of services focused around domestic sanitary systems, their service needs, their maintenance and the proper disposal of the associated liquids.

Septic Cleaning and Maintenance
Domestic and commercial service and maintenance of septic systems. Maintaining your system to help prevent early failure of your system.

Septic System Inspections
Perform pre-purchase/refinance bank inspections.

Leach field Rejuvenation
A low cost non-destructive rejuvenation of existing leach fields. Rejuvenation will save you as much as 80% over the cost of replacing your field.

 Licensed Septic Design and Engineering

We are certified and licensed by the State of New Hampshire to design and engineer domestic septic systems. Please call 603-529-2400 for a personalized consultation on your project's specific needs.


Septic Tank Components by All Clear

Septic tank components include a variety of products that are designed to restore the proper operation of your tank, enhance its treatment performance or make it easier to perform periodic maintenance on your tank. They are outlet baffles, outlet filters, septic tank risers and replacement septic tanks.

Key Benefits

  • We use the highest quality products and material that we can provide.
  • Our workmanship is of the highest quality
  • Our price includes all materials and labor to complete the job. No surprises or hidden costs.

Call us at (603) 529-2400 for septic service!

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